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Water moving over itself, creating vortices and spirals, is healthier water. 

Moving water is healthy water.

Since Flowforms are actually sculpted by using moving water, their curves may remind you of seaside or lakeside artifacts. Flowforms are links back to the sounds and inclinations of nature.

Flowforms was established as a company in Europe in 1976, working in a wide range of water projects including community bio-remediation, managing farm effluent, designing play parks, and adding healthy ambience to corporate buildings. Flowforms America has been in the U.S. since 1997.








Sustainable Living through Art & Science

Flowforms are water carrying sculptures which were created from the keen observations of scientists, sculptors, and biologists who noted patterns in nature: ripples - swirling eddies and inclinations to move in figure-8s; whorls in wood; undulating seas of sand;  meanders of free flowing streams; chambers in seashells. 

The movement patterns which interested them most were the patterns that water made.